|| Privacy Notice ||

Fowler Insurance Agency’s Consumer Privacy Notice is so you will know why and what information
we collect about you, with whom we share it, and how we protect it responsibly.

This notice applies to individuals who obtain insurance products or services through Fowler
Insurance Agency agents for business, personal, family, or household purposes.

Information That We May Collect; we may collect information directly from you and from other
pertinent sources in order to provide the coverage you have requested and to service your
Insurance policy. The following are the sources in which we may collect this information:

·Information we receive from you on applications, such as your name, address, social security
number, assets, income, and medical information; if applicable to your insurance needs.

·Information about your prior Insurance transaction history, policy coverage, premiums, payment
history, and claims history.

·Information we receive from third parties such as credit reports, driving records, and medical
claims if applicable to your insurance needs.

Third Parties; we do not Disclose information about you to third parties, except as required or
permitted by law. We will not Disclose or use or share personally identifiable medical information
with Fowler Insurance Agency affiliates or with third parties except for the purpose of
underwriting or administering your insurance policy, or claim, and as otherwise required or
permitted by law, such as disclosures to insurance regulatory authorities or in response to a

We may Disclose information contained in applications and other forms that we collect, as
previously described, to the following types of third parties for the reasons described:

·To an insurance company, agent, or insurance support organization to perform a function in
connection with an insurance transaction involving you

·To a third party to perform a business, professional, or insurance function for us.

Companies Within the FOWLER INSURANCE AGENCY Corporate Family That May Receive This
Information; All companies in the FOWLER INSURANCE AGENCY Corporate Family that may receive
this information are Insurance Companies, financial services companies, including banks,
consumer finance companies, securities broker-dealers, and mortgage companies.

If you terminate your Insurance policy with us or your Insurance policy lapses, cancels’ or
becomes inactive, we will continue to treat the information we have collected about you in
accordance with Fowler Insurance Agency privacy policy. We may not collect or disclose all of the
categories of information described in this Notice in every transaction, only those that specifically
apply to you and your insurance needs will be collected when applicable.

Your personal information; under applicable law, you may request to see the personal information
about you in the Fowler Insurance Agency records except for certain documents related to claims
and lawsuits. We may direct you to a consumer reporting agency to obtain certain consumer
report information.

If you believe that the personal information we have about you in Fowler Insurance Agency
records is incomplete or inaccurate, please let us know at once, and we will investigate and
correct any errors that we find. Your request should be in writing and directed to our agency
principal Kim Fowler, Fowler Insurance Agency, P O Box 886, Canton GA 30114.

Insurance Companies; please note that the insurance companies that issue your Insurance
policies may have personal information about you. Fowler Insurance Agency Privacy Notice does
not govern their use of information about you. You should review the privacy notices of your
insurance company to understand how they collect, use and disclose information.

Fowler Insurance Agency Security Procedures we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural
safeguards that comply with federal guidelines to safeguard consumer information. Fowler
Insurance Agency employees are bound by Fowler Insurance Agency Codes of Ethics and policies
to access consumer information only for legitimate business purposes and to keep information
about you confidential.

Fowler Insurance Agency’s Consumer Privacy Commitment to You; we will continue to maintain
Fowler Insurance Agency’s dedication to providing and servicing your insurance needs while
protecting your privacy. If you have questions concerning Fowler Insurance Agency’s Consumer
Privacy Notice, please call our agency Principal Kim Fowler at 770-479-9823.